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I only played it through once, found it unsatisfying, and didn't learn much that I didn't already know at the beginning of the game. I didn't know what exactly happened to the protagonist and whodunnit. I also feel like there's a big cultural difference because all the guys in Amnesia try to be really friendly and helpful, and I guess that just didn't seem realistic to me.

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I kind of wanted them to be like, "It sucks that you have amnesia", and go about their own lives instead of waiting on hand and foot for me. Well, I guess that's what an otome game is. Most of the otomege are native on Vita, actually. Not a lot of them on PC anymore. May be why you're noticing more otomege on Vita. Otome fans are supportive and the games are cheap. I'd love more yuri stuff but the fanbase for yuri is incredibly picky about things, and normal galge is somehow not as popular than either unless it already established itself.

It's the "indie game syndrome". Theres so many galge out there that it's not turning any heads to say "a dating sim where you Date X girls in Y situation! So, you have to either cater to niches: Or just have absolutely breathtaking art to stand out.

As for Yuri specifically, I cant really say. It feels like a common genre at least, based on real porn and how common and popular Lesbian content is , but at the same time theres a lot less content than you expect so it's not a saturation issue. Even the Corpse Party series has these types of things to a small point, but they're there, and pretty awkward. Just the JP version that has a tiny tiny bit of english in the opening menus. Persona 4 Golden, Mary Skelter Nightmares dunno how much actual dating does it have but you can definitely bond with girls also Criminal Girls.

Mary Skelter actually has significant enough visual novel elements that it's on the visual novel database. You don't date any of the girls in Mary Skelter and for Criminal Girls it's only at the end as your choice of character. New Little Kings Story has a marry option, I believe. I don't know of any Visual Novels that haven't already been mentioned. I got it on Plus For PS3, but theirs a vita version but I haven't played more then the first chapter.

But I think i heard it's Yuri?

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If that came to the Vita as a physical copy from Fangamer I'd buy it in a doki doki heartbeat. I would too tbh. Lmao I really don't get why everyone has to downvote everything, it was a joke. Spamming of downvotes can actually be reported. The same goes for downvoting everything in someone's history. The downvote arrow should get removed, because trolls treat it as a tool to feel special.


It only adds more bigotry. If you don't agree, don't up vote. We should start a thread somewhere in Reddit about this. If that arrow is removed, it can no longer be abused by trolls. It's a romance visual novel!

Recommend me a good dating sim

Are you kidding me?! It's also a high school drama of a love story! Next time, research before you reply. School Days is an eroge , bud As an eroge, School Days is great. But with all of the adult content removed it's at best an okay VN. How about instead, you do your research before making a passive-aggressive response to a comment that was clearly just ribbing you a bit, when you've obviously played the all-ages version of the game, and have experienced at most maybe two-thirds of the original game's content?

If My Heart Had Wings

Don't you think I know that already? I have it on PC. I stopped reading after your first paragraph. I couldn't give a shit if it's adult content. It's not like it's going to actually happen, but it'd be pretty cool. What it's not is "survival horror", which you claimed it to be! It's still a visual novel heavily-centered on romance, even if there are gruesome moments awaiting the male character, or adult themes of drinking, and sex.

You took what I said out of context, and misinterpreted what I was actually replying about.

I'll recommend it anyway if you have a PC but wow, I would love this on a handheld. The ii from the eek? The insert arbitrary Japanese word from the insert even more arbitrary English alliteration? The brainchild of the Game Grumps puts you in the shoes of a single father who arrives in a new neighborhood filled with eligible bachelors.

They all have kids of their own, too, and range from a loveable goofball to an intellectual academic.

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As you may expect considering the team behind it, this title has impeccable writing and characterization. Each of the daddies feel unique, flawed and multilayered, and there are some genuinely touching moments to be found. And best of all, dad jokes galore! They may not be for everyone, but every two might get a kick out of them. By Haley MacLean January 16, By Alex Gibson January 16, By Keenan McCall January 16, Top 10 Best Boss Fights of , Ranked.