Good girl dating a thug

Everybody rationalizes his or her way out of the situation.

Why do women go for thugs?

Or would I rather not tell anyone that he's keeping a gun here and let him see his daddy every day,'" she says. Cain says what's needed is for young women to look within themselves to find the confidence to leave. Two years ago after meeting Carlos, who she calls loving and responsible, she felt ready to have a child with him. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

Thug Passion: Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? | MadameNoire

To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: By Simona Siad Living Reporter. Sarah Drayton shudders as she imagines how different her life would have been.


This is why dating a guy a little rough around the edges can be intriguing to a young woman. They are "ride or die chicks.

Women in love with gangsters

And it's still happening with many girls in the GTA. Now the young mother is working hard to pull it all together. My Star location Select Location. They are always out doing something, hustling, handling all kinds of business, etc and you always think will they make it home tonight, are they ok!

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My uncle was a OG, he got shot right in front of me Its tough out there. Trust me you will love the attention, the way he treats you so sweet but with his boys he is rough and hard like a rock, but at the end you are alone!

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Sorry, but as soon as I clicked this question, I look in the advertisement field only to see an ad for a site called gaythugdating. Who knew there was such a large demographic of isolated homosexual gangsters that they'd need a website to connect them all? Is anyone else seing this?

But I've put many in their place. One time, we were out and another guy asked for my number in front of him and he did absolutely nothing, literally nothing.

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Not saying that you have to get all rowdy in moments of disrespect, because that can be just as bad, but at least take a stance and man up. Who knows what the future holds? Follow me on Twitter: So what about you?

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  6. Are you attracted to certain qualities in guys that are very much your opposite? Share with your beauties!