Western union scams on dating sites

A romance scam occurs when a man or woman pretends to be romantically interested in someone who is looking for love or friendship on an internet dating or social media site, in order to obtain financial gain. There are usually several people involved in a romance scam particularly University students that are networking between the globe eg.

They use poetic scripts to play the role of the romantic, sweet, kind, caring and considerate lover. T hey like to follow a story or script because they can remain consistent and reduce the amount of contradictions that can create doubt because it is several people talking to one victim at any one time.

The victims feels that they have found the partner of their dreams and the person they want to spend the rest of their life with and will go to great lengths to be with the one they love. Once the emotional attachment is strong, the scammer claims misfortune in some manner - a car accident, a mugging, a hospital in-patient, loss of wallet and paperwork, money needed for their business, sick mother, sick child needs medical bills paid, birthday gifts, tuition fees or their hotel was burnt down with all their paperwork and belongings now destroyed.

They will appear forlorn and encourage the victim to help them financially by making a money transfer through one of the major money movers like Western Union or MoneyGram and ask that it be kept quiet for fear of embarrassment to the victims family upon meeting them. The victim feels uncomfortable at the speed of the developing relationship pace but develops a strong emotional attachment to their sweet words of love.

Family members may become alarmed when they discover financial transactions taking place and become critical of the developing relationship. The relationship tends to becomes secretive and a triangle develops between the victim, the manipulative scammer and the victims family. The scammer will attack disapproval by introducing doubt and will answer with a question or just drop out of the communication if confronted. Most victims find it hard to resist the pull towards the scammers seduction due to the heavy pattern of romantic attention the scammer has created and many will lose financially before their illusion is broken resulting in a physical, spiritual and emotional breakdown.

They have an explanation for Everything that triggers any doubt on your part! They may not ask for money. They may ask for your personal information.. Little by little over an extended period of time. They may ask you to accept a check for them or a package for them or to pick up some money for them and forward it.

Romance Scams

If he is legitimate ; he will do it. A scammer or someone working a con will not. Best Wishes and God Bless. He uses Kelvin Smith and Lopez Smith I found out about him in the military scammers website Ihad some fun making him believe l was going to send what he wanted I think i have talked to the same guy.. There also a person I met on Face Book, he said he liked my picture and asked for friend request. I generally don't except people I don't know but I kept looking at his picture and excepted it. He's very good sweet talker,seems very nice.

Says his wife was killed in car accident and has a 12yr old son in Boarding School. It was always something happened and he needed more. I was so stupid I kept going to loan companies borrowing more monies because he kept saying he have money in account in states and he will pay me back all money I borrowed. I wish I had read this strip and known about these scammers before I got so deep in debt. I've never talked or met this guy it was only thru messenger.

After reading this strip and everything that was done to other women, was done to me. I hope these guys get caught. Gillberg Larsson who has been working for the UN in Damascus. A widower from Sweden with a year-old son who is in a boarding school in Italy. He wanted me to get a box with goldbars and some money.

I was supposed to pay Euro for transfer and such via Western Union. When I go there to pay the money, the company denied the payment as it might have been a fraud. I have the same scammer. I've been talking to him for 2 months never asked for money just sends sweet quotes and pics of him and his son saying his wife died in car accident t and he has no family and friends and he don't like talking to women because they lie and cheat. His name is Steve William, his birthday is September. And he says he well advance to play games or be a fake.

I would love to see a picture of this guy be cause I have a guy I'm talking to on hangouts.

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It first started with an iTunes card, now it's up to He is a sweet talker plays with your heart and sends songs. Charmed the pants off me, songs, poems, confessions of love list goes on. Sounds like guy I talked to for a bit.. Was contractor on rig needed money for repair engines.

I did not comply. Them asked for iTunes cards. After not getting this he lost interest but now someone else is texting me saying they are friend.

Dating & romance

I wonder if this is the same guy I talked to for over a year. The name he used was Kelly Ernest McGill. He said he was a mechanical engineer on an oil rig off the coast of Texas and needed money for parts for the engines. He was working on a potential million dollar contract. He said he had a daughter and was divorced. He charmed me, made all kinds of promises. I thought he was real and sent him money I should not have. I had no idea of this horrific world of scammers.

I think I have been talking to the same guy, met him on pof. He sent me proof that two other woman have sent him funds to help pay for his broken equipment but he needs more. Promises he will pay me back, won't stop calling. I blocked him but continues to call. He sent me multitude of pictures with his kids and his parents. He was mechanical engineer on a contract in the Ukraine drilling for crude oil. Said his wife died 5 years and he was looking for someone to as a friend companion. I have blocked him!!!! Ethsn Micheals scammed me as well.

Said he was on oil rig and was from Australia with twins. Charmed the pants off me too. It's the photos they use I blame. They are always Lovely family men and that's how we see them. Anyone know of a guy white man with glasses and a beard. Wonderful accent says he is a widower and wants me to meet his son who's in boarding school.

Says hes a Christian and he works as a surgeon in Africa. He asked me for an iTunes card today. I feel so stupid!! Talks about God and says he loves me. Says his assignment will be over soon and he will be coming to see me. Hey this is too familiar. Has 15 year old son. I went along for 3 months then he finally asked for money.

San Diego woman falls for online dating scam, local FBI reveals alarming romance scam numbers

My heart he was very good. Talks about God a lot. I do he told me his name is Thomas Michael Cory. He told me he was a dental surgeon. Does he have a unibrow. And a freckle on his forehead? I just finished with a scammer, same stories, only changed a little. I refused his friend request on FB, but he "liked" one of my posts and asked if I would chat.

Has a gray beard, Cuban, two kids, one in boarding school in Atlanta. He is an engineer working for Exxon Mobil on a ship at sea in Turkey. But his ex wife left them all so he's a single dad.

Dating & romance statistics

Checked his profile on FB for info, checked his friends and they were all black from the Middle East. Immediately when we were on Messenger, he deleted all his FB information. When I asked him why, he said he had found the love of his life and didn't need it anymore.

Also immediately got me on Google Hangout. I wasn't even familiar with this and didn't know why, but agreed. Everything I questioned him about, he had a perfect explanation. Oh, right after I got on Hangout, I hit the location icon and Nigeria popped up! That was explained away too. I knew all about scammers, but all the love poems, videos, songs, sweet talk from a Latin Lover took over. All my common sense left this lonely widow of six years.

He needed it for an app for his job. I refused, but he was so desperate. He wouldn't be able to complete his job and leave on time, etc. I sent the numbers. Soon after, there was another problem and I balked. That I lived on Social Security meant nothing to him. More sweet talk, how he couldn't wait to get home to me and his boys But now I started researching things he told me, like his address where he owned his home in a tiny town in Alabama.

I went Google, county record, then Zillow. But I kept quite for awhile. Then came more demands for money to repair his equipment he used on the job.

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  • After many nights of arguing and begging, I told him I knew about the house and farm he didn't own. He started with it was all my fault, I was an evil, ungodly woman, and worse. I told him He had conned me out of two hundred dollars, but no more, that he would have to go back to FB and find another unsuspecting woman.

    His last words to me were "just hope I don't meet a stingy woman like you in my next search". I have been talking to a guy named Daren Turner. He found me on instagram He has never asked me for money until today but claims to be very wealthy. Says he is a site engineer He asked me to be his beneficiary in his contract. I questioned that y would a company email me thru a "gmail" account with no name He got serious with me but up until now he has been the sweetest guy and hes pretty handsome but I dont fall for stuff without investigating first. I have been speaking to someone named Alex Mason his wife died 10 years ago he has an accent and supposely is on Greece , he made his mom skype me but she couldnt talk just type because she had a stroke.

    He lost his bag at airport with laptop, phone and Iphone watch he keeps asking if I can get this and he will repay me in 2 days. I fell for self employed guy, traveled to London for work. Everything of course went wrong. Then he needed a Iphone and Mac computer. This is a classic scam. Went by name David Delone. This is so sad as the more people spend working or move closer to work the result is more lonely people who wish they weren't. And these people are still people, cruel ones but still people goimg right for the heart! Having a place to live, food, money in the bank, none of it fills the desire most single human beings ca4y with them that deep desire Not be alone.

    Our gut knows when something 'feels' off. Just can't let that Other Voice that says "Ah Go with your instinct never Send Money to an online stranger. Have you figured out if harris mason is for real? Just curious as I have been talking to someone with very similar info on Instagram.

    Has an online love interest asked you for money? | Consumer Information

    He is listed as harrismason Hasnt done anything wrong or asked for monies but Im not real trusting by nature, so kinda have been searching to see if I could find any info on him. Please let me know if you have ant idea if this is a scam. Well Harris Mason on Instagram is a total scam Figured something was up. Just mad at myself for wasting time talking to him. I am chatting with a guy named Manson Harrison.

    His wife and son died 5 years ago during a car accident and his daughter lives with a nanny. He works on a rig but will retire soon. He is not the first one trying this crap on me. He contacted me through Words with Friends. Same story with me!!! On Instagram is blue. He was under different name when he started to write to me.

    He probably forgot that he started to talk to me under a different name. Then he tell me that his some birght is coming.

    The Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scam

    So please girls be careful with that kind of predators!! I m Russian, so i know this kind of stuff.. I wrote to him, don't mess with Russians. I said you will get your karma, scammer!!! A guy by the name of kylomason has the same story of his wife being killed in a car accident and he has two kids, a boy and a girl.