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Unless the individuals can remember I painted those artworks, or they wrote my name on the back themselves, I will forever be forgotten as the artist. In recent years, I have been signing my artworks on the back. But, with my current unseen collection, I will be focusing more on having a signature on the front. Here are some general rules and guidelines of artwork signature signing that I am being guided by. Art buyers , critics, and the general public will eventually come to recognize you and your art by just viewing the signature.

If an artwork is sold without an autograph, others who see it will not automatically know the artist.

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Of course, someone may tell them, but they may forget unless they know you personally. But something that people can actually see a signature is much more easier to remember. Many times an artwork is resold without the seller actually informing the buyer who created it. So, signing the artwork would let anyone know that you are the artist, even years from now. Leonardo Da Vinci Signature. Nowadays, there are very unique and interesting ways to find out who completed an artwork, besides being identified by an expert.

If the image appears elsewhere on the web under your artist profile, others may find out who completed it by using Google image search. What about including the date on the front of the artwork? Do you do this? Do you think it is a good idea to include the time that the print, painting, drawing, etc. I may start dating them on the back it may be a few years between doing the piece and then reproducing it in prints, etc.

I don't want people to think they are buying my "old" art. It is the nature of the business nowadays that we need to consider the print end of the market. Just like movies have to consider cable and DVD sales and there is a cycle they go through before they get there.

I think I will go sign my latest on the front and write Title and date on the back. I absolutely agree with you about the signing of artwork in the front or for sculptures side or back. I went to an artwork exhibition last year and nearly all the artworks were signed on the back and I told them that they would regret it one day. Anyone can sign it on the back as we found out here in New Zealand.

If signed on the back it would be up to the artist to have to prove that that particular artwork was created them. It also leaves the artwork open for copying and anyone can then claim the artwork as theirs. No signature, no claim of copyright. I also put the year in which I complete my sculptures and my mother does the same with her paintings. I have been a sculptor for over 30 years and have always signed and dated my sculptures, The original sculpture is signed in the clay.

That is how people who have not heard of me find out about me right across the world. When I do Limited Editions the number of the edition is also added as well as a certificate of authenticity is given to the buyer. Also a collector when they have the picture on the wall one of the first things they do to show a visitor is accentuate the 'signature'. No one is going to pull a painting from the wall to turn it around to see who painted it. You are very right about that! Especially if it's a huge painting that is fastened to the wall. There would be no way of others knowing you did it.

I think the main reason artists do not sign their artworks is because it can possibly ruin the composition, or so I've been told by my art school professors. I believed it for years and only signed mine on the back! Now I am realizing what a huge mistake it was. The fact is, paintings are not always in galleries, with a name and title card alongside. They almost always end up either in storage, or displayed on a wall somewhere. Where is the name card then? Thanks so much for explaining your side of this important topic! I've been painting for about 35 years and my signature has changed slightly, although I have always signed on the front, near the bottom in one corner or the other depending on the composition.

I think it is important that your signature not interfere with the painting. It should be there, be recognizable as your signature, but not obtrusive. I've seen artists that sign large, in the most obvious spot and it detracts from the painting itself.

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I have been known to put my name in a sign or on a mailbox if it is appropriately part of the painting. I have a friend who paints abstracts that signs on the back so that the buyer can hang in the direction they like best. Her compositions are so good that they can hang in almost any position.

I now sign my first initial and last nameMClements--because it's shorter and easier and it is not as neat and perfect as I used to make it.

I used to sign almost like calligraphy--I was a 3rd grade teacher and it showed in my writing at that time. I used to date my paintings, but no longer do that for reasons listed above. Age shouldn't matter, but I think customers might wonder why it is still there. If it hasn't sold before, something must be wrong with it. Actually it might be one of my best paintings that has been hanging in my own home or something. I think it is good to keep a record of your paintings with date, medium, photo, who bought it from you--some history in a notebook or on your computer--I'm not good at that--but plan on being better about it this year.

I always sign on the front. I also sometimes write the first name of the model and or where I painted it. If it's a landscape I may note where. I like the dates on paintings. I don't think I've been an artist very long until I look at some of the early work that I dated. An old date is definitely a barrier to sale while you are still working and evolving your style. So no, I no longer date my work. Marsha Clements TurtleCreek Art Glass Thanks for sharing your experiences, and opinions here concerning signing and dating art!

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